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This 45 minute guided meditation is the first in the series of four that leads the beginner meditator through stages of relaxation and mindful breathing. Designed to help stabilise and focus the mind to bring about a peaceful and undisturbed state of awareness.


The second in the series of guided meditations Chad uses his in depth knowledge of esoteric meditation practices to guide meditators through visualisations, colour and energy centres to cultivate vitality, love and intuitive wisdom.

Self Inquiry

This meditation is one of the most powerful self realisation techniques in the world. An advanced method that uses self enquiry to cut straight to the essence of mind and the true nature of ourselves. Revealing a fearless simplicity and profound peace.

Welcome to The Way of Meditation

in Partnership with Meditation Masters our community is 1.4 million strong and growing

Upcoming events

Once a month Chad leads a guided meditation in Mapleton on the range in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

meditation6A series of four Guided Meditations have been recorded for those who can’t attend classes and are available for download> click here.

These guided meditation are designed to lead meditators through gradual stages of relaxation and mindfulness training, to the deeper levels of consciousness and experience states of openness and bliss.

Everyone is welcome from beginners to long time meditators to share in relaxation, mindfulness, stillness and open heartedness.

These guided group meditation are held on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland at The Yoga Sanctuary in Mapleton.

Please email [email protected] to join the group.

Or message Chad on Facebook > click here

One Day Meditation Workshop
Chad’s one day meditation
workshops are interactive,
filled with detailed explanations
of simple to understand techniques, the psychology of meditation as well as several guided meditations to give participants the full experience of the way of meditation.

Chad’s system of mindfulness to mysticism derived from the most powerful meditations from Buddhism are designed as a gradual progression to lead meditators from calming and settling the mind with mindfulness to deeper understanding of awareness and eventually to the deep stillness and peace available at the core of every human being.

Ultimately meditation uncovers an immanent and natural state of calm and peace that can be accessed at any time.

During the day you will learn:

* The benefits of a daily meditation practice
* How to start a daily meditation ritual
*  Mindfulness techniques to reduce stress and develop clarity and  focus
* Uncover a naturally clear and peaceful awareness hidden in every experience
* Techniques to find the ‘true self’
* Be empowered with true self confidence of natural presence



WHEN: Saturady 7th February 2015

WHERE: Brisbane (venue to be confirmed)

COST: $99 includes lunch, morning and afternoon tea, course book and Mp3 recordings of the guided meditations.

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL: For reservation please phone Chad  0404 136 077
[email protected]

Meditation & Relaxation Retreat
(May 22nd 2015)

Join us for the monthly full moon Global Meditation.

CLICK HERE to join in.


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