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With Chad Foreman’s Guided Meditations

These four guided meditations are a program designed to start you with basic beginners meditation of mindfulness and lead you to a deep understanding of yourself through introspection and open presence. All four of these guided meditations will leave you feeling calm, clear and completely refreshed.

Recorded live from Chad’s meditation classes on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Each of the four guided meditations are 40 minutes long and guide you step by step through the methods to give you an experience of what meditation is really like.

Download NOW and experience Meditation for yourself.

  1. The first meditation helps you to experience stable attention, and develops clarity and mindfulness. It also starts with an introduction about why we meditate and its benefits.
  2. The second guided meditation takes you deeper into three main energy centre of your body to help experience and cultivate power, love and intuition.
  3. This powerful guided meditation introduces you to your naturally occurring clear awareness which helps you to experience the bliss and spaciousness of this divine hidden treasure.
  4. This last guided meditation is the combination of all previous meditations, it guides you to experience the natural enlightenment of open awareness. the experience of true freedom and real meditation in an act of contentment and simplicity.

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Here’s what people are saying about Chad’s Guided Meditations:

I’ve been attending your monthly meditations for 3-4 years now, and have gained so much from them. I was new to meditation then, and it took me a little while to be able to really feel into my heart and my body. You taught me how to access my inner spaciousness, and different methods of letting unwanted thoughts/ideas go.
~ Katie Bestavaar, Qld, Australia
“I am so very grateful for this very inspiring man Chad Foreman, who taught and embodied meditation in my yoga studio for around 2yrs. He is a very clear and wise teacher with deep understanding of the mind and possessing a compassionate heart. He teaches with humour, lightness and great sensitivity.”
~Tara Witkowski, Mapleton, Australia
“My 10 year meditation journey with Chad has been an inspiring road of reconnecting to our core essence and compassion for all beings. Chads mindfulness meditation techniques are simple yet profoundly effective for anyone seeking peace and contentment.  His insights and understanding of the way the mind effects our well being is reflected in his teachings and techniques and blurs the boundaries of belief systems so as to encompass all.”
~  Pat M. Sunshine Coast, Australia
“Following one of Chad’s meditations daily is one of the best things I do for myself. It provides me with a lovely start to the day. It provides me with peace to fall into a blissful sleep. In between, the techniques help me approach issues in my day with a calmness I couldn’t find before. Heartfelt thanks Chad.” 
~ Audrey Flierman, Mapleton, Australia
“I just sat with your recorded meditation and was enchanted. It was as deep an experience as having you physically present with your gong and flute. Past experience of recorded meditations felt like performances; yours felt beyond speaking and listening, a shared energy somewhere beyond my mind.”
~ Geoff Dean, Sunshine Coast, Australia
“Every meditation session with Chad has been rewarding, inspiring, peaceful and  uplifting – thank you for your dedication.”
~ Melissa Lohman, Sunshine Coast, Australia